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$29 Initial Session

Please fill out the form below to receive a special discount of $29 for your first session. This offer is only valid for new patients.

*Offer valid for new patients and local CA residents visiting this location only. Each Modern Acupuncture clinic is individually owned and operated. All professional services are performed by licensed acupuncturists. More details, including ownership and licenses for each acupuncturist, are available at the clinic.

Modern Acupuncture Tustin

We offer an approachable, natural pathway, validated by thousands of years of practice, to better health and well-being for all in a convenient, peaceful and modern location.


For Modern Acupuncture Tustin, it's in the delivery. Our nationwide locations offer the natural health benefits of acupuncture in highly accessible locations. You are likely to find us next to your favorite neighborhood grocer. From the moment you walk through our door, all five senses encounter an environment of relaxation and healing. Natural, earthy colors wash over you. The soft lighting allows your eyes to relax.


In thirty minutes or less, experience healing, escape, relaxation, and a balancing of your body. In your hectic world, Modern Acupuncture Tustin is a necessary retreat into proven wellness.

Meet Our Acupuncturists, L.Ac.

Wayne Cheng, L.Ac. #7427Wayne Cheng, L.Ac. #7427

"When human beings experience pain from trauma or life stressors, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel." Wayne’s great passion is bringing healing to people who have been through constant pain and stressful experience. He helps his clients, who include children, adults and families, to find healthy perceptions of themselves and bring balance to their mind and body so they can live to their fullest. Wayne knows that no single approach is the right one for every individual, however he finds that ancient art of healing using Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs has been most beneficial for treatment of pain. His educational background includes a MS and Doctoral in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from South Baylo University in Anaheim. Wayne has been practicing acupuncture in Aliso Viejo area, California and New York since 2000.

Chia-Jung (Hope) Lin, L.Ac. #17031Chia-Jung (Hope) Lin, L.Ac. #17031

Hope attended the South Baylo University in Anaheim, CA. Helping people to ease the burden of living with physical discomfort and improving their health using the least invasive and safest method is what made Hope decide to become an acupuncturist. The thing she loves the most about being an acupuncturist is introducing and sharing Chinese Medicine to the western world. The concept of distal needling that Modern Acupuncture adopts is why Hope decided to become part of the Modern Acupuncture team. Hope says she started practicing distal needling with her patients after graduating school and saw great results.


She is very excited to be part of the Modern Acupuncture team to introduce this safe and effective treatment to everyone looking for a natural approach to healing. Outside of work, Hope enjoys traveling with family, experiencing different cultures, practicing Tai Chi and teaching Tai Chi for Arthritis.

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