Balance Your Health and Maintain It

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For thousands of years Chinese Medicine has been used to restore, promote, and maintain optimal health. The diagnostic and therapeutic strengths of Acupuncture can treat both the source of illness and the presenting symptoms you have.

I explain to my patients – the more you tell me about all of your symptoms, the more precise I can be at targeting the source. I look at your symptoms as the branches of a tree, with all of those I can isolate the type of tree trunk and cut it off at the root. Once I do that – all of your symptoms dissipate. 

- Dr. Tiffany Avery

How do you get out of balance?

You can get out of balance physically, psychologically and chemically by the following:

  1. Environmental factors like pollutants, climate change, urban living and contagious diseases
  2. Traumatic physical injuries
  3. Imbalances internally like emotions, thoughts, and genetic makeup
  4. Imbalances in your lifestyle like improper diet, overworking, lack of sleep and poor posture

How does Acupuncture get you balanced?

At times, patients do not realize they are out of balance or what the source of their illness is. That is what your Acupuncturist/Doctor is here to do – to help you find your source.

Chinese Medicine views optimal health as the balance of Qi (chi) which is the vital life force that powers your body. In Western Medicine, they use the term Homeostasis which is the balance within the body.

With Acupuncture we use the insertion of very fine needles into specific points on your body. These points lie on meridians like a stop lights on a street. Once inserted, it is green light go - promoting the flow of Qi (chi), thus promoting homeostasis.

How can you maintain your balance?

Once we achieve your balance with Acupuncture, we then must maintain it. Health is simply a lifelong journey, not a destination with an end. You need to understand what gets you personally out of balance, the onset, and what to keep doing in order to maintain your health. Talk with your Acupuncturist/Doctor on what your routine Acupuncture treatment plan should be in order to help maintain your balance. Here is a list of other ways to maintain your balance... 
Foods to Eat
  1. Fermented foods: kimchi, kefir, sauerkraut
  2. Healthy fats: coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, salmon
  3. Lightly cooked fruits, vegetables, nuts
  4. Adaptogenic Herbs like ginseng, Modern Recharge, or ask your Acupuncturist/Doctor which is best for you
Focus on Rest
  1. Taking breaks throughout the day
  2. Take a mental break (short walk, place your feet in the grass, breathing exercise)
  3. Making time for a short nap
  4. Adequate amount of sleep daily
  5. Relaxing activities: Yoga, Tai Qi, Qi Gong

If you are having trouble sleeping, also check out Ear Seeds for Quality Sleep

Stay Balanced and Healthy. 



Written By: Dr. Tiffany Avery, DACM, Dipl.Ac., L.Ac. – Modern Acupuncture 16th & Camelback Clinic Director

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