About Us

Welcome to Modern Acupuncture, where we make natural healing accessible to everyone through science-backed acupuncture and personalized treatment plans.

Our Story

We embarked on our journey with a clear vision for optimal patient care, rooted in the belief that acupuncture could enhance traditional chiropractic results and patient experiences. 

Dr. Stephen Gubernick, inspired by the remarkable benefits he observed from acupuncture in his chiropractic practice, joined forces with experienced franchisors Matt Hale and Chad Everts. Together, they aimed to modernize the role of acupuncture in the healthcare landscape.

Since its inception in 2016, Modern Acupuncture has been dedicated to offering accessible, consistent, and affordable acupuncture treatments, revolutionizing how this therapy is perceived and experienced.

We Want to Make Your Life Better

Our Mission

To revolutionize healthcare by delivering convenient, personalized, and affordable acupuncture care, aiming to improve lives and make it a go-to solution for those seeking natural relief and well-being.

Our Purpose

To be pioneers in the natural healthcare revolution by making the practice of acupuncture widely available across our country. Our intention is to alleviate common ailments like pain and stress, significantly improving the quality of life for individuals everywhere.

Our Focus

To provide unparalleled modern acupuncture care within a spa-like environment, ensuring it is accessible, consistent and affordable.

We're dedicated to the continuous development of our acupuncturists through the latest research, and offering high-quality supplements to enhance treatment outcomes.

Also, by partnering with organizations that align with our vision and educating the public about acupuncture's benefits, we strive to help everyone achieve and maintain optimal wellness naturally.

And This Is Just the Beginning!

We have already helped thousands of people across the US achieve lasting relief, but our journey is far from over. 

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that individuals from every corner of the country, especially those who have not benefited from other methods, can enhance their well-being through natural treatments like acupuncture. Only then will we consider our mission accomplished.

Be Part of Our Journey to Natural, Sustained Wellness!

Whether you seek acupuncture, or the equally natural IV Therapy and Vitamin Shots, we have what you need to change your feeling and tackle the day!

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