An Ancient Practice for the MODERN INDIVIDUAL

Acupuncture is believed to have been practiced for more than 2,500 years. The Modern Acupuncture® method is based on the latest science and research targeting the individual needs of each patient while maximizing relaxation and comfort.

Health Acupuncture. Pill-free relief... Finally.

Our method allows us to provide treatment to various areas of the body without the removal of any clothing. We’ll pinpoint and treat your concerns via specific points on your head, face, arms, hands, lower legs and feet all while you relax and take a breather from today’s stressors.

Acupuncture utilizes tiny needles (smaller than a human hair) to access distinct points on the body to help restore balance, alleviate pain, reduce stress, promote relaxation and/or improve overall well-being. Acupuncture treats the whole person and your licensed acupuncturist will work with you on your individual goals when you come in for your treatment.


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Joanna’s Modern Acupuncture story for back and neck pain.

Click for treatment limitations, details about the patient’s treatment plan and, if applicable, typical patient results.

The BENEFITS of Acupuncture for your HEALTH

Acupuncture treats the whole body from head to toe. It’s a proactive lifestyle and mindset. All-natural pain and stress management is right around the corner. You need the right tools to unlock and support your health goals. We’re here to be part of your wellness journey.

In addition to its wide-spread use in private clinics, acupuncture is also used in many conventional medical institutions, including hospitals, doctor’s offices, and non-profits around the world. Acupuncture in hospitals.

Acupuncture treats the whole person. If you’re just looking to discover a sense of well-being or pursuing a natural approach to beauty- we can help you achieve your goals. We are determined to revolutionize health care with affordable, approachable, convenient treatments in locations across the US, which supports our mission to make lives better.

Jesse’s Modern Acupuncture story about setting goals beyond your wildest dreams.

Click for treatment limitations, details about the patient’s treatment plan and, if applicable, typical patient results.

Glow Acupuncture: Glow from the inside out.

Curious what it’s like to get the facial treatment celebrities are raving about? It’s the little tingles that make you feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside. Not only can beauty and wellness go hand in hand—they should. Modern Acupuncture is taking the age-old practice of acupuncture and applying it to our modern pursuits of well-being and beauty, blending the two together in a powerful way. We all deserve to look and feel our best.

Relax and get pampered with an all-natural glow treatment in less than 30 minutes. Your acupuncturist will work with you on an individualized treatment plan.


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Join the No-Tox Movement for all-natural beauty.

The BENEFITS of Acupuncture for your SKIN

Toxin-Free Treatment. This ancient beauty secret is a non-invasive and natural approach to help skin regain its glow.

Why does it matter? Our movement believes that you should shine the all-natural way without any harsh chemicals or toxins. Your skin is the biggest organ on your body so pay attention to you treat it. Love the beauty that radiates from within by taking control of your skin health. Don’t just take our word for it: New York Times Article on the toxins in your cosmetics and skin care.

Individual results may vary, and any information provided is not intended to constitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Join our no-tox beauty movement!

glow inside out

Find your glow behind our Zen doors.


It’s about time you combine beauty and health in less than 30 minutes

How Does it Work? Needles as thin as a strand of hair are inserted carefully into key areas and creases in the face. The result is revitalized skin with a glowing appearance. Glow acupuncture promotes subtle, natural looking changes to the skin over time.

It’s time to let your inner glow shine through while you Zen-out!


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Personalized Treatment Plans: Treatments as unique as YOU

Your acupuncturist will create a treatment plan specifically for you based on your consultation. It is important to follow your treatment plan to achieve the best results. Just like any health and wellness routine – the key is consistency. We think you will enjoy the experience so much it will be easy to keep coming back. And your health will thank you.

We believe that acupuncture should be a convenient and an approachable part of your every day life.

Relieve. Relax. Restore. Revive.

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Think about what’s happening all around you. Through the noise, choose to NATURALLY HEAL from the INSIDE OUT.

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We believe that pain, stress, and general health can be managed naturally through an ancient practice made modern.


Are There Any Side Effects?

Side effects are minimal but may include fatigue, slight bruising, tenderness at needle site, lightheadedness, temporary worsening of symptoms, and emotional release.

Who is a Candidate for Acupuncture?

Our licensed acupuncturist will meet with you prior to your first treatment to ensure you are a suitable candidate for acupuncture, but most men and women looking for a natural approach to overall wellness are candidates for acupuncture. Those who are not eligible for acupuncture include those with hemophilia or contagious skin diseases. We take special precautions when working with those on blood-thinning medication or tend to bruise easily.

The World Health Organization (WHO)

The World Health Organization has evaluated the use of acupuncture as a treatment for numerous health conditions and continues to research more. Learn more at the official WHO website regarding integrative and complementary medicine.

Full Reports
WHO Global Reports on Traditional and Complementary Medicine
WHO Full Report: Review Analysis of Reports and Controlled Clinical Trials


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MODERN is right NOW. Current and present time. Isn’t that all where we want to be?

2019 MindBody Report RESULTS

How much are consumers spending on health and wellness each year? According to the 2019 MindBody Integrative Wellness Index Report, consumers spend an average of $1,620 annually on health and wellness- which includes fitness, beauty and integrative health.

mindbody report

All data was taken from the 2019 MindBody Report: MindBody Wellness Index Report

mindbody report2

All data was taken from the 2019 MindBody Report: MindBody Wellness Index Report

2019 MindBody Report RESULTS

Acupuncture is on the rise according to the 2019 MindBody Integrative Wellness Index Report, with nearly 30% of survey participants indicating they want to try acupuncture in 2019.