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*Offer valid for new patients and local AZ residents only. Each Modern Acupuncture clinic is individually owned and operated. In some states, clinics are owned and operated by a professional corporation and managed by a Modern Acupuncture franchisee. All professional services are performed by licensed acupuncturists. Individual results and treatment plans may vary. Not intended to constitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. By redeeming this offer, the clinic has permission to reach out to the contact info provided.

Modern Acupuncture San Tan Pavilions

We offer an approachable, natural pathway, validated by thousands of years of practice, to better health and well-being for all in a convenient, peaceful and modern location. For Modern Acupuncture San Tan Pavilions, it's in the delivery. Our nationwide locations offer the natural health benefits of acupuncture in highly accessible locations. You are likely to find us next to your favorite neighborhood grocer. From the moment you walk through our door, all five senses encounter an environment of relaxation and healing. Natural, earthy colors wash over you. The soft lighting allows your eyes to relax. In thirty minutes or less, experience healing, escape, relaxation, and a balancing of your body. In your hectic world, Modern Acupuncture San Tan Pavilions is a necessary retreat into proven wellness.

Meet Our Acupuncturists, L.Ac.

Benjamin Lewis IV L.Ac. #10013Benjamin Lewis IV L.Ac. #10013

Benjamin attended the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture. He decided to become an acupuncturist because he felt the medicine came natural to him, and he saw the ancient African science that is within Chinese Medicine. Treating people from a point of view that deals with balancing the person physically, mentally, and spiritually as well as using ancient science is what Benjamin loves most about being an acupuncturist. He decided to become part of the Modern Acupuncture team to be able to treat and introduce acupuncture to more people. Outside of work, Benjamin enjoys working on cars, trail running/hiking, reading, watching documentaries, and healing and knowing himself.

Tina Rae Begay, L.Ac. Dipl.OM (NCCAOM), MSOM, BSTina Rae Begay, L.Ac. Dipl.OM (NCCAOM), MSOM, BS

Tina Rae graduated with a Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine from the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture (PIHMA).  Since that time, she has practiced in Sedona, Phoenix and several reservations in Arizona.  She currently supervises clinic rotations at PIHMA, as well as having taught classes for over seven years.


Tina Rae is innately rooted to healing the body through the heritage imparted by her White Mountain Apache and Navajo ancestors Tina Rae loves to learn and is a great believer that learning never stops: it is infinite.  She believes that being curious enough to keep learning, is key to being present to her own strength as a woman, and as a health practitioner.What Tina Rae loves most about Acupuncture is its simplicity for treating the body.


As a strong believer in the idea that a community of like-minded people can elevate the power of healing, Tina Rae is a natural advocate for the community style of acupuncture.Modern Acupuncture is similar in concept to community acupuncture, but with the added benefit of partial privacy.


In her free time, Tina Rae Loves to laugh, and have fun. She is always up for the next new adventure. She also loves to play rugby, ride her mountain bike “sugar”, and spend quality time with her family.

Mykayla Werner, Dr of Naturopathic Medicine, #20-1914Mykayla Werner, Dr of Naturopathic Medicine, #20-1914

Mykayla is originally from a small town in northern Michigan, so she really appreciates the beautiful weather and year round sunshine the east valley offers. She graduated from the Sonoran University of Health Sciences and became a naturopathic doctor because she is passionate about utilizing an integrative approach to improve the health and wellbeing of others. Mykayla utilizes acupuncture because it stimulates the body to heal itself without the dependence of medications. She is excited to be part of the Dana Park and San Tan Modern Acupuncture teams because she knows acupuncture can help with a variety of health conditions and providing affordable treatments is important, so everyone can have access to the benefits of acupuncture.

Ginger Hull, ND, DAcHM, MSOM, MSAc, L.Ac, NCCAOM Acu Dipl.Ginger Hull, ND, DAcHM, MSOM, MSAc, L.Ac, NCCAOM Acu Dipl.

Dr. Hull is a dedicated healthcare professional with a passion for natural healing and empowering individuals on their path to optimal health. She earned her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree from Sonoran University in Tempe, Arizona, where she developed a deep understanding of the body’s innate capacity for self-healing. Complementing her naturopathic training, she obtained a Doctor of Acupuncture with Specialization in Herbal Medicine degree, Master of Science in Oriental Medicine degree, and a Master of Science in Acupuncture degree from the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Hull embraces acupuncture as a key modality in her approach to guiding others towards optimal health. By addressing imbalances and restoring harmony within the body, she empowers individuals to unlock their full potential for vibrant health and wellness. She is committed to making a positive impact at Modern Acupuncture, and is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their highest level of well being.

Outside of her work, Dr. Hull finds joy in cherished moments with loved ones, immersing herself in the healing beauty of nature, and embarking on adventures to explore new destinations. These experiences further enhance her holistic perspective and fuel her passion for promoting health and vitality in all aspects of life.

Read what our patients have to say about Modern Acupuncture San Tan Pavilions located in Gilbert.

Shari B. (Gilbert, AZ) - 8/3/2021


What an absolute wonderful experience  We were greeted by the beautiful owner Shannon. The waiting area is very clean and sterile and the aroma of essential oils permeated the air setting the calming and relaxation atmosphere. As the doors glided open and we entered The Zen Lounge the peace and tranquility and beauty of the space immediatedly draws you in. Shannon escorted me  to my massage chair and made sure I was comfortable. Then the Acupuncturist Benjamin came over to discuss what areas I wanted to work on. Benjamin's healing energy and spirit was very reassuring and his skillfulness pin pointed my sources of pain and put me in a state of complete relaxation to the point I fell asleep. The overall experience left me feeling relief, relaxed and rejuvenated. I highly recommend that if you are seeking healing and or pain management, treat yourself to the services at Modern Acupucture and  watch your journey to wellness begin.

Felicia B. (Gilbert, AZ) - 7/25/2021


I experienced this on July 20, 2021 arriving from NJ to AZ. What a completely wonderful way to enter into another state of mind. The Zen room was tranquil, peaceful and serene. The energy of the spirits of those in this space, from the front desk, to actual customers coming in for a scheduled appointment and the acupuncturist were so soothing. The acupuncturist was amazing. Ben, talked with me and listened to me when I described areas of concern for me in my body. The needles were placed very gently. Yes, I did feel some of the needles being placed, but it was not painful. The massage chair was so comfortable. My cousin next to me was snoring. I felt relaxed and more energetic. This was my first experience, but it will not be my last.

Kathy C. (Gilbert, AZ) - 10/1/2020


Wow! Jose eliminated my left knee pain immediately! I can hardly wait to continue my plan. Highly recommend!!!

Sonia P. (Gilbert, AZ) - 1/14/2020


It really works! From the first session... People are amazing! So glad for finding this place!!! A special thank to Benjamin!

Peggy S. (Gilbert, AZ) - 5/8/2019


This place is AH-MAZING! From the front desk to the Zen Den. You even get free tea after its over. I will definitely be back.

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