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*Offer valid for new patients visiting this location only. Each Modern Acupuncture clinic is individually owned and operated. All professional services are performed by licensed acupuncturists. More details, including ownership and licenses for each acupuncturist, are available at the clinic.

Modern Acupuncture North Scottsdale

We offer an approachable, natural pathway, validated by thousands of years of practice, to better health and well-being for all in a convenient, peaceful and modern location.


For Modern Acupuncture North Scottsdale, it's in the delivery. Our nationwide locations offer the natural health benefits of acupuncture in highly accessible locations. You are likely to find us next to your favorite neighborhood grocer. From the moment you walk through our door, all five senses encounter an environment of relaxation and healing. Natural, earthy colors wash over you. The soft lighting allows your eyes to relax.


In thirty minutes or less, experience healing, escape, relaxation, and a balancing of your body. In your hectic world, Modern Acupuncture North Scottsdale is a necessary retreat into proven wellness.

Meet Our Acupuncturists, L.Ac.

Erica Lyons, L.Ac. #1041Erica Lyons, L.Ac. #1041

I became an acupuncturist because I was always fascinated by anatomy and physiology and wanted to work in the medical field.  I wanted to give people an alternative treatment to what is currently available with Western medicine. Acupuncture was also a treatment that really helped me at a certain point in my life when nothing else would. I like working at Modern Acupuncture in Scottsdale because it brings a lot more exposure to acupuncture by making it affordable and accessible to more people.  It has also enhanced my skills as a practitioner.  When I’m not working, I like to be outdoors and near the water or spending time with my pets.  

William McCalla, L.Ac., #1089William McCalla, L.Ac., #1089

William attended the Phoenix institute of herbal medicine and acupuncture where he became a licensed acupuncturist. His interest in Chinese medicine started when he was young and attended martial arts classes. He learned a lot from his instructor who eventually suggested he learn about acupuncture. The thing he enjoys most about his job is being able to help others. After graduating from school, he found Modern Acupuncture and was drawn to it because he would be able to do what he loves and gain the most experience he could. In his free time William still enjoys practicing martial arts and meditating. 

Lori Binder, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., CN, MT #0954Lori Binder, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., CN, MT #0954

Lori attended the Phoenix institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture. After being a massage therapist and clinical nutritionist for a few years, she began seeing the positive changes she was making in other people’s lives, but only to a certain extent. She had received acupuncture herself in the past, and it changed her quality of life tremendously. She decided to become an acupuncturist to further help others as well. The thing Lori loves most about being an acupuncturist is providing positive changes in patient’s health and wellbeing without negative side effects. She decided to become a part of the Modern Acupuncture team because she believes in the company’s mission- to make people’s lives better. She also believes that Modern Acupuncture is revolutionizing the industry by bringing acupuncture to the masses in a convenient, comfortable and affordable manner. Outside of work, Lori enjoys attending baseball games, concerts, spending time with her partner and his 5 kids, traveling, eating out, and being active.

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Each Modern Acupuncture clinic is individually owned and operated. In some states, clinics are owned and operated by a professional corporation and managed by a Modern Acupuncture franchisee. All professional services are performed by licensed acupuncturists. More details, including ownership and information about the licensed Acupuncturists at a particular clinic, are available at the clinic.