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$29 Initial Session

Please fill out the form below to receive a special discount of $29 for your first session. This offer is only valid for new patients.

*Offer valid for new patients visiting this location only. Each Modern Acupuncture clinic is individually owned and operated. All professional services are performed by licensed acupuncturists. More details, including ownership and licenses for each acupuncturist, are available at the clinic.

Modern Acupuncture Brea

We offer an approachable, natural pathway, validated by thousands of years of practice, to better health and well-being for all in a convenient, peaceful and modern location.


For Modern Acupuncture Brea, located in Brea California, it's in the delivery. Our nationwide locations offer the natural health benefits of acupuncture in highly accessible locations. You are likely to find us next to your favorite neighborhood grocer. From the moment you walk through our door, all five senses encounter an environment of relaxation and healing. Natural, earthy colors wash over you. The soft lighting allows your eyes to relax.


In thirty minutes or less, experience healing, escape, relaxation, and a balancing of your body. In your hectic world, Modern Acupuncture Brea in Brea California is a necessary retreat into proven wellness.

Meet Our Acupuncturists, L.Ac.

Jenny Sohn, L.Ac. #17691Jenny Sohn, L.Ac. #17691

Jenny graduated from South Baylo University in Los Angeles with a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She initially discovered the benefits of acupuncture when she was struggling with facial eczema ten years ago. She had tried dozens of different remedies from topical creams to oral medications, but none of them provided lasting results. However, with continued acupuncture treatments, eczema soon became nonexistent and has never returned since. Now, she is a firm believer in natural healing. “Regardless of the condition, you should never simply ‘mask’ the symptoms and pretend it is gone; you must revert the body back to balance and let it heal itself. Acupuncture does just that!”  

Alyssa Houser, MSTOM, L.Ac.  License #AC16477Alyssa Houser, MSTOM, L.Ac. License #AC16477

Alyssa attended acupuncture school at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego from 2010-2014. During time spent in school earning her Masters degree, Alyssa had the opportunity to travel to Shenyang, China and participate in a study abroad program. There she attended Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and received advanced clinical training in many different holistic healing techniques. 

Alyssa began experiencing migraine headaches at a young age, and after years of searching for relief, decided to give acupuncture a try. The experience of receiving an acupuncture treatment was so unique and deeply relaxing, Alyssa was immediately inspired to learn more about traditional medicine. Soon after, she decided to become an acupuncturist and has been living migraine-free ever since. 

For Alyssa, being an acupuncturist allows her the opportunity to feel fulfilled in a her work by being of service to others. She strives to bring kindness and compassion to medicine, and to help empower others to reach their goals by providing safe and effective treatments. Alyssa cares deeply about her patients, and considers it a privilege to be an acupuncturist. 

Modern Acupuncture provides an amazing opportunity to connect with the local community and educate more people about the many benefits of acupuncture. It has always been a goal of Alyssa's to be a part of a team of skilled healthcare practitioners working together to help others experience their highest potential of health and wellbeing. 

Outside of work, Alyssa can be found spending time with friends and family, hanging out at the beach, enjoying hikes in nature, and gardening. She has always loved plants and animals - especially her two rescue cats, Lilu and Remy. Alyssa enjoys cooking, exploring craft breweries, and loves to travel whenever possible.

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