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Relax in a massage chair with whisper-thin needles and give yourself 20 minutes of uninterrupted healing time. Time to focus on getting better. Time to activate your mind-body connection. Time to restore yourself.

acupuncture before

Once you arrive at the clinic, our Zen Advisor will check you in for your session and you will complete patient history forms. Next, you’ll watch a brief introduction video about the Modern Acupuncture® method and what to expect during your session.

Our Zen Advisor will take your tea choice and walk you to the Zen Lounge.

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acupuncture during

Your belongings will be placed in a basket nearby and you will relax in a zero-gravity, heated massage recliner.

A licensed acupuncturist will discuss your wellness concerns, so be sure to share with them any pain or discomfort you feel, and what you hope to accomplish through acupuncture.

A personalized treatment will be administered and for 20 minutes you will relax to science based therapeutic music and watch beautiful nature scenes play above.

acupuncture after

After your treatment, you will be escorted out of the Zen Lounge to the lobby where your acupuncturist will answer any questions and provide a personalized treatment plan.

Complimentary tea is provided, and our Zen Advisor helps schedule your next session according to your plan recommendations, based on your health and wellness goals.

We want to help you discover the best version of yourself.


Chelsea Video

Chelsea takes you along to San Francisco Bay Area
for her acupuncture experience

  • 1st time patients can save time by filling out patient forms online ahead of their appointment.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes, your licensed acupuncturist may need to access points covered by your clothing
  • Avoid alcohol before your session
  • Arrive at least 5 minutes early so you can choose your tea and silence your phone
  • Share your wellness concerns and goals with your licensed acupuncturist
  • Lay back and relax, its okay to fall asleep!
  • Consider lifestyle advice given by your acupuncturist
  • Follow your treatment plan and remember that acupuncture is a process that takes time!
Stress Less

A natural drug-free approach to relaxation
and less stress.


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acupuncture needling

Distal needling is when needles are inserted at a distant site to the area of pain or concern. This area is a carefully chosen site to stimulate the brain and activate a healing response.

Local needling involves inserting needles near or into the site of pain to reduce muscle tension and improve blood flow.

acupuncture journey

Acupuncture is a journey that treats the whole body from head to toe.

Each acupuncture treatment builds on the one before it.

Acupuncture is cumulative, with the best results acquired by allowing your body the necessary time needed to heal.

acupuncture healing

Healing takes time, whether physically, mentally or emotionally. This often involves retraining the mind and body through a personalized treatment plan.

The goal of acupuncture is to maintain your health by treating both the root of the issue and symptoms simultaneously.


Our licensed acupuncturists meet with each patient prior to their first treatment to ensure they are a suitable candidate for acupuncture, but most men and women looking for a natural approach to overall wellness are candidates for acupuncture. Those who are not eligible for acupuncture include those with hemophilia or contagious skin diseases. We take special precautions when working with those on blood-thinning medication or tend to bruise easily.


Even though acupuncture has been around for centuries, it’s a new territory for many. Demystifying acupuncture and helping people understand that not only does it work, but it treats the whole person. Side effects are minimal but may include fatigue, slight bruising, tenderness at needle site, lightheadedness, temporary worsening of symptoms, and emotional release. It is best to consult with your acupuncturist on what you can expect from your personalized treatment plan.

We are revolutionizing the way we pursue pain, stress and skin health treatments.


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