What to expect with your FIRST VISIT

It’s natural to have some apprehension about acupuncture and what to expect during your visit if you’ve never experienced acupuncture before. Most patients feel that way. Don’t worry – we will help ease any fears and walk you through the process step by step. Once you experience Modern Acupuncture®, you will only regret not coming in sooner. Below describes what will occur during your first visit and some of our most frequently asked questions.

Before your SESSION

Once you arrive at the clinic, the Zen Advisor will check you in for your session and you will complete the Patient History forms (if you didn’t complete them online), and you will watch a brief introduction video about acupuncture at Modern Acupuncture.

You’re so close to experiencing Zen!

come relax

Come in. Lean back in our zero-gravity massage chairs. Relax. Exhale. Enjoy. Leave revitalized.

During your SESSION

Next, the Zen Advisor will walk you to the Zen Lounge and direct you to your relaxation station, where you will sit in a zero-gravity, heated massage recliner and start to relax. The licensed acupuncturist will discuss your wellness concerns, brief you on your acupuncture session, and provide treatment. You don’t have to do a thing except enjoy as you watch beautiful nature scenes from all over the world on our big screen televisions.

Many of our patients fall asleep during treatment because they are so relaxed.

After your SESSION

The licensed acupuncturist will answer your questions, provide you with a treatment plan, and escort you out of the Zen Lounge to the Zen Advisor. You will receive a complimentary delicious tea and the Zen Advisor will discuss the most affordable approach to follow your treatment plan and reach your health goals.

We want to help you discover the best version of yourself.

We believe that acupuncture should be a convenient and approachable part of everyday life. Our treatment plans are flexible, so you can stop in on your schedule.


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after your session

If you’re curious about how acupuncture may help you unlock and support your ultimate wellness, stop by a location near you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Acupuncturist Training

Our acupuncturists are all licensed professionals with masters or doctorates in Chinese Medicine. On average in the U.S. it takes more than 2,000 hours to be eligible to earn an acupuncture license. Modern Acupuncture provides on-going training in the latest science and medical research. We are a proud partner of the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM.)


Escape through the Zen doors to tranquility.

Acupuncture Treatments

Although many people start acupuncture treatments to treat a specific issue, regular treatments may support health and well-being. Consult with a licensed acupuncturist for a treatment just for you. Certain health conditions should also continue to be monitored by your regular healthcare provider. Individual results may vary, and any information provided is not intended to constitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


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