Escape. Restore. Glow. Cosmetic Acupuncture is More than your Basic Beauty Treatment

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Does your anti-aging regimen help improve your overall health?  Ours does.  Unlike other treatments like injectables and surgical procedures, cosmetic acupuncture enhances beauty from the inside out. (and it makes you feel really, really good!)

How it works:

Cosmetic acupuncture improves your complexion, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and helps you maintain your youthful glow.  But how exactly does it work?

First and foremost it stimulates blood flow to the face for greater delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the area.  Nourished, hydrated skin looks younger and healthier.

Cosmetic acupuncture restores balance to the body and improves overall health.  In addition to stimulating blood flow to the face, cosmetic acupuncture enhances circulation throughout the body, nourishing the organs to promote optimal function.  As you progress through your treatment plan, you will likely notice that your sleep improves, digestion improves and you have a renewed sense of calm about you.

Cosmetic acupuncture stimulates the production of collagen.  Your body is extremely smart and is designed to repair itself.  When the skin is punctured by a needle, the body recognizes this as a wound and automatically gets to work to repair it.  Part of that repair process includes the production of collagen – a natural filler.  During your treatment, needles are placed along the course of lines and wrinkles in the face.  The natural repair process and production of collagen causes these lines to fill in softening or even eliminating the appearance of some lines and wrinkles. 

How many treatments do I need?

An initial course of treatments includes two sessions per week for 6-12 weeks. This process initiates the healing response and helps to balance the body.  Consistency is a must to achieve the best results.

After the initial course, maintenance treatments are recommended at a frequency of 2 sessions per month ongoing.  It is also recommended that you repeat a course of 2/week for 6-12 weeks every 1-2 years.

If you’ve ever considered cosmetic procedures such as Botox or fillers, try cosmetic acupuncture first.  It is 100% natural, safe, cost-effective and the only cosmetic treatment that will also improve your overall health.  We promise you will be glad you did!

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