Pain Relief the Natural Way

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It is estimated that over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain with low back, neck, knee, shoulder and joint pain being the most common complaints.

The World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture as a safe, effective and natural treatment for various injuries, orthopedic conditions and both acute and chronic pain.
The mechanisms underlying how acupuncture is effective for treating pain have been researched for over 60 years. While the mechanism is still not fully understood, multiple studies show that when acupuncture needles are inserted, they stimulate the release of chemicals called endorphins and enkephalins, which have natural pain-relieving effects.

In addition to natural pain management, acupuncture may also accelerate the recovery process without the negative side effects of pharmaceuticals.

The effects of acupuncture can include the reduction of pain symptoms, improved joint mobility and muscle stiffness, reduced inflammation and dependency on pain-medication.
At Modern Acupuncture, we believe that acupuncture should be a convenient and approachable part of everyday life.
Our Licensed acupuncturist will create a treatment plan specifically for you based on your consultation. The number and frequency of treatments varies from person to person. Some people experience significant relief after their first session, while others may need more frequent treatments to achieve the best results.

Each case is different, and treatment will be tailored to suit your particular condition.

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Written by:  Adi Korman, MS, L.Ac.  |  Manager of Clinical Operations for Modern Acupuncture Corporate

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