Make De-stress Your Word of the Year

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A common trend in the New Year is to choose one word to set the tone for the rest of the year. If you find yourself waffling between "gratitude" and "achievement," or maybe choosing one word feels impossible, we are here to help. Say hello to your 2020 word of the year: De-stress. Don't you feel better already?
Stress is something we all experience, and it comes in many forms: our daily encounters, the food we eat, the environment we live in, and the thoughts we think.

Our bodies are designed to handle certain levels of stress, our modern lifestyle tends to push the limits by dealing out stressful situations all day every day. Pretty soon, our ability to adapt to stress weakens, burnout sets in, and symptoms start showing up.
But not this year, my friend. It's a new decade, and an excellent opportunity to turn the tables on your stressful past. Make "De-stress" your focus for the next twelve months and then sit back and marvel at how much better you feel, look and live.

How stress is hurting your health

The human body is extremely intelligent and is often toggling between two particular goals: survival and balance.  When we are in danger (real or perceived), our survival mechanisms kick in, and our "fight or flight" response is triggered. This response is designed to get us out of danger as quickly as possible. So, it activates the functions and mobilizes the materials necessary to make this happen. After the stressor or threat has subsided, the body will activate different mechanisms to achieve balance once again. This dance works well when stressors are intermittent and short-lived.  However, for most of us, this is not the case. Stressors dominate our existence, and our survival mode is on loop, leaving little time and resources for the body to get back into balance. This is a very simplified explanation for very complicated biological processes.
Still, the bottom line is this:
A prolonged and continuous state of stress and imbalance leads to uncomfortable symptoms and more serious conditions down the line. Did you know that stress has been linked to six of the leading causes of death in America? So, by making "De-stress" your motto this year, you could be decreasing you're your risk for heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's, and diabetes, to name a few.
It's like a win for now, and a win for later.

Top ways to live your word of the year in 2020

De-Stress with Acupuncture
Of course, we are a bit partial but don't just take our word for it. Research has shown that acupuncture is an effective treatment for reducing chronic stress by regulating the hormones related to the stress response. It is also a very effective method for activating your much needed "rest and digest" mode.
De-Stress with Meditation
Meditation is another excellent way to help combat stress. Mindfulness meditation is a technique designed to focus awareness on the present moment. Since a lot of our stress comes from dwelling on past mistakes or worrying about future events, bringing ourselves back to the present moment can be extremely helpful. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University did a thorough analysis of meditation studies. Their findings concluded that mindfulness meditation could ease the psychological stresses of anxiety, depression, and pain.

De-Stress by Unplugging
The simple act of putting your phone or other devices out of sight and reach for at least 30 minutes per day (ideally, even longer) can do wonders for your stress levels. Discover that it isn't truly necessary to respond to that email, comment, or notification right-this-second. The world will still turn, and the work will always get done, even if you decide to take a short time-out.

Or you can do all three…
A visit to Modern Acupuncture may be the only time that multi-tasking can actually serve you well. Unplug in our tranquil Zen Lounge while you get a treatment from one of our expert acupuncturists, and maybe even meditate while you are there. It's the perfect recipe for the ultimate de-stressing experience.
We can't wait to help you focus on and live your word of the year. Start by finding a Modern Acupuncture clinic near you by going to the location tab on our website. We have clinics all across the country and more opening every month. Book your appointment online or call your local clinic and speak to one of our friendly Zen Advisors.
Say sayonara to stress and hello to a healthy, happy, and much more relaxed 2020.

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