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Several patients these past weeks have expressed that they've finally found a solution for their headaches, joint pain, or insomnia with acupuncture. Now during this coronavirus pandemic, they are feeling like the “rug has been pulled out from under them”. They are concerned that since they have not been able to be treated, they are having significant recurrences of their symptoms. I also know there are patients who were finally feeling like they could handle the stresses of their everyday lives, who are now social distancing, sheltering in place, coping with job loss, and not being treated, and feeling more stressed and uncertain about the future than ever. 
I worry daily about the many physicians and nurses I know who are on the front lines during this COVID-19 pandemic, and I have already lost a very close friend. The negative effects of this level of constant stress on our body, our mood, and our behavior are rippling into large waves, sweeping the entire world. This isn’t something that I am only noticing, this chronic stress is felt among all of us. Mayo Clinic summarizes many of the common effects of stress. 

On Your Body

On Your Mood

On Your Behavior

Headache Anxiety Overeating, Undereating
Muscle Tension, Pain Restlessness Angry Outbursts
Chest Pain Less Motivation, Focus Drug or Alcohol Misuse
Fatigue, Sleep Issues Feeling Overwhelmed Tobacco Use
Change in Sex Drive Irritability, Anger Social Withdrawal 
Stomach Upset Sadness, Depression Exercising Less 


The impact of this stress will unfortunately remain long after the pandemic has subsided. Although, there is no substitute for the personal interaction you receive with our highly trained and caring acupuncturists, who use their medicine to retrain your autonomic nervous system to react differently to stress, we hope that the resources we are providing will be of some help to you during this challenging time. We will continue to bring you resources in addition to acupuncture, from experts in areas of therapeutic music, sleep medicine, meditation, yoga and other forms of holistic medicine during these trying times. 
We are committed to the safety of our patients, staff and communities; we look forward to continuing to Make Your Life Better!
Until next time remember that self-care is not selfish it is survival, especially in these difficult times! 


Written By:  Dr. Charles Anderson MD, Johns Hopkins and Harvard Trained Pediatrics, Newborn ICU Physician, Modern Acupuncture Medical Strategic Partner

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