Modern Lifestyle Syndrome (MLS)

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We can all relate to what we call, Modern Lifestyle Syndrome (MLS); constantly stressed, in pain or just not giving ourselves the kind of self-care that’s essential to living our best lives. The negative effects of MLS can be detrimental to our bodies, mood and behavior. What are some of the issues contributing to Modern Life Syndrome?

Constantly Connected with Information Overload

Technology has undoubtedly increased productivity and connectedness but has a troubling impact on work patterns (switching off when work is over) and then there is social media. It is estimated that we will spend at least 5 years’ worth of our life accessing various social media accounts. Access to information on anything at the swipe of a finger can be overwhelming.

Doing Too Much

The relationship between the stress of doing too much and mood changes comes as no surprise. Social media highlights a niche for everything, busy professional, corporate climber, organized and crafty stay-at-home mom, adventurer, traveler, fitness guru- you get the idea. We are fooled into thinking that we need to be all these things and all at the same time. This misconception is causing an imbalance in our lives with negative effects.

Not Prioritizing & Multitasking

In this modern life, most of us don’t prioritize our health. This shortage of prioritizing leads to feeling a lack of achievement or accomplishment and this, together with a heightened workload, is a recipe for burnout. Multitasking has been found to increase the production of the stress hormone cortisol and the fight-or-flight hormone adrenaline with can overstimulate your brain, causing mental fog or scrambled thinking.

Poor Stress-Release Mechanisms & Dangerous Pain Relief

Unfortunately, as most of us do not make the time and our stress-release mechanisms frequently tend to be poor or infrequent. Signs of stress include chronic pain, headaches, muscle tension, high blood pressure, increased substance use, social withdrawal, unhealthy eating habits, anxiety and more.
The Institute of Medicine estimates that 116 million adults experience chronic pain each year. The idea that pain relief resides only in a bottle of drugs is a common misconception and a dangerous one at that, look at opioid abuse crisis in our country.
Modern Acupuncture seeks to address the Modern Lifestyle Syndrome we are all experiencing with an ancient practice used for centuries, optimized with modern care.

Written by:  MOD LIFE Support Team 

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