Acupuncture for the First Time

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Over the years I have heard friends and doctors rave about acupuncture. With benefits ranging from relief from chronic pain, stress, anxiety, injuries and much more. As a new mom there are lots of aches and pains that come with postpartum life. One of my main issues I have experienced since having baby girl is ” mommy wrist”- essentially tendinitis in the thumb and wrist. I have been working with my chiropractor to help with the pain and she suggested that acupuncture might be a great treatment to try along with the chiropractic work.


Tayler Malott Answers FAQs: 


How does acupuncture work?

The insertion of the needles produces endorphins, which help decrease your perception of pain. The goal of acupuncture is to reduce pain while increasing blood flow and stimulating muscles/ nerves throughout the body.


Did it hurt?

Not at all! As someone who is not a fan of needles, it was truly painless. The needles are so tiny you don’t feel a thing.


What did it feel like?

I personally did not feel much at all. In certain areas I could feel a tiny prick but nothing that was painful.


How long are the sessions?

Around 30 minutes.


How many sessions are needed for acupuncture to be effective?

It depends on your specific needs and what you are trying to address. You can go anywhere from 5 times a week to once a month and see results.


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Written by blogger and influencer:  Tayler Malott

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