Modern Recharge Supplement for Your Life Battery

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For so many of us, fatigue gets the best of our days, and although that may seem “normal” we can assure you that it should not be. Your body is the most intricate system and like any man-made machine, it is essential to press the restart button in order to recharge and operate at optimal function.


Taking the Modern Recharge Supplement in combination with acupuncture treatments can help reduce fatigue and support overall energy levels. Consult your Modern Acupuncturists today.  


Benefits of Modern Recharge Supplement


-  Designed to build resilience and enhance stamina.


-  Helps address feelings of physical fatigue associated with prolonged stress.


-  Features herbs that support an adaptive response to stress:  concentrated adaptogens including ginseng root, cordyceps, and rhodiola extracts, used to address multiple body systems involved in the stress response.



Modern Acupuncture works with a top-level manufacturer who drives innovation and relevant insights in clinical nutrition through pioneered research and vast commitment to quality. The supplements are gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan and meet many of our current patient’s health and wellness needs.


Find the clinic nearest you to purchase our Modern Recharge Supplement.

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