Acupuncture Treatments for Neck Pain

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The ancient medical practice of Acupuncture has been used for millenia to effectively provide pain relief for a variety of conditions, including back pain, headaches, arthritis, and neck pain.


Did you know? Acupuncture takes a holistic view of the patient and recognizes that pain issues, especially neck pain can be caused by muscle and fascia (connective tissue) tension in other regions of the body.


A great example of this in our modern lives is our all-too-common work positions, seated in a chair and desk for hours on end. Sitting for extended periods causes muscle tension to build up in the hips and upper back, which ultimately can cause changes to spine that lead to neck pain.


Your whole body is connected, and your Acupuncturist will assess your neck pain to determine a root cause and provide much needed pain relief.


“I sleep like a baby after each treatment and wake up free of neck and back pain the following day. It has improved not only my physical, but mental health immensely!” – Katie C.


Acupuncture was first popularized in the West in the 1970’s and has since been used by many leading hospitals to provide sustainable pain relief without the use of opioids.

The body of research of acupuncture and neck pain is also growing with its popularity:


Large meta-analysis studies show that various acupuncture techniques can provide relief for neck pain and enhance the results of standard medical treatments.


In fact, Harvard Medical School has also taken note of the emerging research on acupuncture and neck pain. In this article the benefits of complimentary treatments for neck pain focusing on Acupuncture and Alexander Technique were both highlighted. While further research is needed, the article goes on to suggest that a combination of both these techniques and other non-medication approaches may further enhance results for neck pain sufferers.


The latest science on acupuncture suggests that when needles are inserted, points are stimulated that boost natural pain killers and endorphins. This natural circulation of these chemicals to the site of pain can have profound pain-relieving effects on neck pain and at the same time provide a sense of rest and relaxation.


No wonder many of our patients at Modern Acupuncture report less stress, better sleep and overall health in combination with their neck pain relief.


At Home Acupressure Point(s) for Neck Pain

The Feng Chi (Wind Pool) point(s) on your neck is often recommended in combination with other acupoints for headaches, migraines, neck pain, fatigue and cold/flu symptoms.


You can stimulate this point yourself by following the groove from your ears back to where the neck muscles attach to the skull. Place your thumbs on each point; use firm pressure to massage the area and relieve tension.


Modern Acupuncture® for Pain

If you’ve been suffering from neck pain either recently or for a long time, visit your local Modern Acupuncture Clinic to feel for yourself how acupuncture can provide relief. We look forward to helping you feel great and enjoy the levels of health you desire.

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