Matthew's Physical and Emotionally Lifting Modern Acupuncture Story

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Matthew Olesky, L.Ac., was led to acupuncture after a snow skiing accident that resulted in a 75% tear of his left knee's ACL.  After his ACL reconstruction surgery, he sustained a 100% tear to the same knee leaving his left leg paralyzed. After three years of excruciating pain and intensive therapies with limited results, he started acupuncture treatments and was pain free with full range of motion only 1 month later. 


Matthew stopped suffering unnecessarily and wants the same for everyone else. After realizing the impact acupuncture can have, Matthew became a practitioner who knows first hand how acupuncture can change lives for the better. 
But in addition to the obvious physical benefits, becoming an acupuncturist provided an emotional lift too.


“There is no greater gift a human being can give another human being than the gifts of health and happiness.” - Matthew




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