Tessa's Modern Acupuncture Experience

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Tessa is a Spiritual Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Healer, who previously held the title of - Aerospace Engineer.


View one of Tessa’s INSTAGRAM VIDEOS explaining how she found her true path and why she encourages others to find their passion and live the life they want to live.


She incorporates both Eastern and Western medicine in her day-to-day lifestyle. Modern Acupuncture was pivotal in introducing acupuncture to her.  Now Tessa uses acupuncture alongside other holistic practices – reiki, yoga, proper nutrition. 


She originally came to Modern Acupuncture for stress related digestive issues. After routine treatments, Tessa has experienced much more… acupuncture has helped with digestive, hormonal, and anxiety issues.   


“As soon as I get acupuncture done, I feel like a new person.”


- Tessa






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