Modern Acupuncture Practitioners are Honored to Celebrate Acupuncture Medicine Day

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Each year on October 24th, the entire acupuncture profession celebrates, Acupuncture Medicine Day. This day was established 20 years ago by the NCCAOM to celebrate the ancient practice of acupuncture across the globe. The National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) has certified nearly 20,000 licensed acupuncturists ensuring a high-level for patients all over the US.


Modern Acupuncture is a proud partner of the NCCAOM. Our team of Modern Acupuncturists are changing the landscape of health care and delivering acupuncture to more people than ever before.


The demand and usage of acupuncture in the US is on the rise. Pain, stress and mental health issues have been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic around the world. All age groups are seeking natural health options that can help them without negative side-effects. Modern Acupuncture are here to answer that call.




“My favorite part is the patients, when they get to laugh and smile. It something that everybody should be doing.” – Marisa, L.Ac.



“There is no greater gift a human being can give another human being than the gifts of health and happiness.” – Matthew, L.Ac.



“The holistic approach of acupuncture takes the entire person into consideration, understanding the details about their condition, history, and individual nature before prescribing treatment. This individualized health care practice enriches patients’ lives on all levels, especially those of health and joy.” – Marie, L.Ac. NCCAOM Dipl. OM,


On this Acupuncture Medicine Day, we want to acknowledge the MA Acupuncturists and all Acupuncturists around the world for their tremendous service in providing this medicine to those in need.



Acupuncture Minimizes Pain, Relieves Stress and Helps Skin Glow


Modern Acupuncture® is a natural pain, stress and skin care solution leading the impact of acupuncture in the U.S.


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