How can Stress Rescue IV Drip help reduce symptoms of stress?

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There is no way around it: we are a nation of stressed out people. The American Psychological Association’s annual report on stress in the United States shows that in 2020, survey respondents from all ages and walks of life reported experiencing greater levels of stress than years prior.


We know that stress takes an enormous toll on our bodies both mentally and physically. It can hinder our ability to fight infection and increases our risk of depression, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. Studies have shown that chronic anxiety can even lower fertility.


Unfortunately, stressors are all around us, and can be hard to avoid completely. That’s why it’s so important to do our best to modulate our stress levels. One way to do that is through Modern Acupuncture’s Stress Rescue IV Drip, which bypasses the bloodstream to quickly and easily help improve your mental state.


How does Stress Rescue IV Drip help reduce stress levels and improve mental clarity?


Our Stress Rescue IV Drip is a great way to help reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety quickly and easily, using an IV drip that allows our formula to reach the bloodstream directly. Since the IV allows our formula to bypass the need to be digested and then absorbed, you should begin to feel it working immediately.


One important ingredient found in Modern Acupuncture’s Stress Rescue IV Drip are B Complex Vitamins, a collection of eight water-soluble B-vitamins that are critical to metabolism. B Complex Vitamins help transform the food you eat into fuel causing you to feel energized and invigorated.


But when you’re body isn’t getting the B-complex vitamins it needs to break down food into energy, you might feel fatigued or have “brain fog.” A 12-week study found that participants who took vitamin-B supplements reported less work-related stress symptoms like depression, anger and fatigue compared with the study’s control group.


Unfortunately, it can be easy to miss out on this critical vitamin, since its availability can be greatly reduced when vitamin-B rich foods are cooked, processed or consumed with alcohol. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your body is getting the right amount of the B Complex Vitamins packed in Modern Acupuncture’s Stress Rescue IV Drip formula.


Stress Rescue IV Drip may help with:


  • - Reduction of fatigue, boosting energy levels and mood
  • - Sports performance enhancement
  • - Reducing dehydration
  • - Boosting immunity
  • - Preventative therapy for cold + flu season
  • - Hangover remedy


Please visit one of our participating Modern Acupuncture clinics and speak with our highly trained licensed professionals to find out how IV Therapy can improve your overall well-being.

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