Immune Boost IV Drip: What is it, and how does it support immune functions?

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Your immune system is an amazing and highly complex defense mechanism against bacterial invaders that surround us constantly. Think of it as your body’s fortified castle, defended by an army of organs, proteins and cells with one job: protecting you from infection.


But sometimes we engage in activities that make our immune system weaker, like pulling an all-nighter, having an unhealthy diet, or not spending enough time outdoors. When we make unhealthy choices, we’re denying our bodies important nutrients, essentially lowering that castle’s drawbridge and inviting the invaders inside.


There are times when unhealthy choices that hurt our immune system are unavoidable, especially for those of us with busy lives and jam-packed schedules. But luckily, there are ways to help support your body’s functions, and Modern Acupuncture’s Immune Boost IV Drip is one way to quickly and easily deliver those important nutrients your body needs to protect itself.


What’s in our Immune Boost IV Drip?


Our Immune Boost IV Drip is specially formulated with ingredients that help support immune function, even when our defenses are lowered, by delivering important vitamins and minerals straight to the bloodstream through an IV drip.

  • - Vitamin C- Any pill, tablet or powder on the market that advertises itself as an immune booster is sure to contain Vitamin C. That’s because the antioxidant is essential to immunity, one that our bodies can’t make on its own. Vitamin C encourages the production of white blood cells, which protect your body from infection. It also helps fortify your body's first layer of defense: your skin. Studies have even shown that wounds tend to heal more slowly in people with low Vitamin C levels.
  • - B12- Our immune system relies on the production of oxygen. But providing our bodies the oxygen it needs requires red blood cells, and Vitamin B12 plays a critical role in that production. Because of this important role it plays in red blood cell production, B12 deficiencies have been linked to weaker immune systems, and worse health outcomes.
  • - Zinc Chloride- Zinc Chloride is also an important chemical compound that helps along the development and function of cells that are essential to fighting infection.


Immune Boost may help with:


  • - Strengthening the immune system
  • - Anti-aging
  • - Athletic performance recovery
  • - Hangover and headache relief
  • - Metabolism enhancement
  • - Cold and flu symptoms
  • - Fatigue
  • - Brain fog


Everyone has an immune system, and even when we strive to live healthy and active lives, there are times when we could benefit from giving our microscopic infection-fighters a bit of a boost.


This amazing combination of vitamins and minerals might be just what your immune system needs to guard against the infections we’re exposed to every minute of our lives.


Please visit one of our participating Modern Acupuncture clinics and speak with our highly trained licensed professionals to find out how IV Therapy can improve your overall well-being.

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