Marcos Modern Acupuncture Experience

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Stop struggling and start living.


Marcos chose to try Modern Acupuncture to help with severe chronic pain from years of hard labor and not eating right. He was a welder by trade, so his body took a lot during those years.


There was a point in his life when doctors were talking about doing surgery on his back because of it. Marcos knew there had to be a different way. Thankfully, our Acupuncturists have been able to help him function on a regular basis without continual pain. He has even been able to pick up basketball again!


“When you are in pain, that’s all you focus on, you’re not really focused on living life.”






Your natural pain, stress, and skin care solution.

Feel it for yourself! Modern Acupuncture® is the leading provider of acupuncture in the U.S.


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