Acupuncture Relief for the Main Types of Pain

Published on
April 13, 2021

You have likely heard of friends, family or acquaintances using acupuncture to find relief the natural way. Most often those in pain, care less about what type of pain they have and more about finding the relief they desperately need.

“I have seen substantial improvement in my shoulder pain in only 3 visits so far. Every employee I’ve encountered has been patient and knowledgeable. Every visit is relaxing!” Angela H.

Acupuncture is a sought-after treatment to help relieve pain. The most studied theories show that acupuncture stimulates the body to release natural pain killers, stimulate self-healing, strengthen your brain signal, and promote the flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients through your blood vessels.


Nociceptive is the most common type of physical pain. It is caused by harmful stimuli being detected by nociceptors, a type of receptor that allows you to feel any pain caused by mechanical or physical damage to various body parts. The nociceptors can also detect toxic or hazardous chemicals and thermal damage when exposed to extremely hot or cold temperatures.

Nociceptors warn the brain with electrical signals via your peripheral and nervous system. Once your brain receives the warning, it perceives the feeling of pain.


Radicular pain is a type of nociceptive pain that occurs when the nerve roots are irritated and comes from the spinal cord down your leg or arm. This type of pain causes numbness, weakness, tingling and feelings of pins and needles – no pun intended.


Somatic pain is the other type of nociceptive pain that is stimulated by movement and usually localized. It is generally described as musculoskeletal pain that includes skin, tissue or muscle pain. Headaches and cuts are considered to be somatic pain.


Your viscera are your internal organs and more specifically those contained in your abdomen and chest cavity. Visceral pain is usually described as aching and happens when there is damage or disruption to internal organs and tissues. Unlike other types of pain, visceral pain is vague and not localized or clearly defined.

Bruises, burns, fractures, arthritis, and sprains are some injuries that cause nociceptive pain. These common injuries can also spur damage to the central nervous system, which triggers a different type of pain to flare up called neuropathic pain.


The peripheral nerve system is made up of all your nerves throughout the body that lead to and from the spinal cord. If any of the nerves are injured, neuropathic pain could develop. Neuropathic pain typically results from nerve compression or damage to the body’s neurological system. It is often described as “shooting” pain, “burning sensation” or “numb feeling” along the nerve pathway.

Diabetic neuropathy and multiple sclerosis are a few examples of neurological pain. Chronic disease is also considered neuropathic pain because it goes nowhere; the pain is the disease.


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