Avoid Daytime Fatigue with Chinese Medicine

Published on
August 18, 2021

Life is busy, and it seems to get busier by the day. With so much going on in our lives, it is no surprise that many of us feel exhausted and tired during the day and then sleepless at night.

Stress and lack of sleep are extremely common and issues that many deal with for prolonged periods of time. When these issues stay constant, it is easy to get to the point of major fatigue, never feeling rested and trouble engaging in normal daily activities. This can snow ball into a serious health issue, compromising your overall quality of life with mental and or physical fatigue that goes way beyond normal tiredness.

Western medicine lacks a complete understanding of what causes fatigue, and therefore lacks proven treatments as a solutions for fatigue symptoms. In fact, there are no randomized, double-blind controlled studies that confirm the efficacy of any specific treatment for fatigue.

Chinese medicine aims to treat the source of fatigue, not merely the symptoms of it. For thousands of years Chinese medicine has been used to restore and maintain optimal health levels. Acupuncture and the other factes of Chinese medicine, such as dietary changes, herbal medicine, qi gong practices and meditation, aim to target both the source and the presenting symptoms of your daytime fatigue and overall low energy. This holistic approach offers positive benefits without any negative side effects.

Fatigue and Stress

There are clear links between stress levels and overall energy levels. When stress becomes a constant and chronic problem, the body and mind are affected in many ways. The stress response leads to body changes that include a release of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol. When this stress response and release of stress hormones happens, day after day in our busy modern lives the impact compounds and causes major health issues, and an overall run down system with low energy.

According to Healthline, “Chronic fatigue and decreased energy levels can also be caused by prolonged stress.”

One study of 2,483 people found that fatigue was strongly associated with increased stress levels.

I can’t explain how or why acupuncture works but the results speak for themselves! Noticeable improvement in my sleep quality so I feel refreshed the next day. And a sense of calmness and being in control. It has been a game changer for me at being able to handle life - better functioning at work and more energy to play after work.

- Michelle

Fatigue and Sleep

Stress may also disrupt sleep and cause insomnia, which can lead to low energy.

The stress system also plays an important role in regulating our body’s natural clock, the 24-hour sleep-wake cycle. Chronic stress has been correlated to decreased sleep duration, sleep quality, impaired memory, and poor mood regulation. These signs of fatigue limit your body’s essential need for cellular regeneration, which typically happens with good sleep.

A study of 2,316 participants showed that experiencing a higher number of stressful events was significantly associated with an increased risk of insomnia.

It is clear that stress is associated with fatigue directly and thorugh the dispruption of quality sleep for rest and recovery. Working on developing healthy habits to improve stress levels and sleep quailty is certainly an important part of addressing fatigue symptoms.

Acupuncture and acupressure have been used to improve sleep from the very beginning. Find out the top 3 acupressure points that you can implement at home to aid in falling asleep quicker and to sleep more soundly at night.

A good compliment to an active lifestyle. I work out and always burn the candle at both ends and it was great to unplug, relax, and recover during my time there.

- Paul

Acupuncture Relieves Stress

Modern Acupuncture® is a natural stress relief solution and the leading provider of acupuncture in the U.S. The most studied theories show that acupuncture stimulates the body to release naturally produced “feel good” endorphins and stimulate the parasympathetic or “rest and digest” response in our body, alleviating symptoms associated with stress.

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