One of the Nation's fastest growing health and wellness franchise continues to experience tremendous growth. We would love to share our story and mission with you.

We treated more than 100,000 patients last year and we are on track to treat more than 300,000 patients this year. And we are just getting started...

We won't sleep until every American has tried Modern Acupuncture®. We are cultivating a movement to propel acupuncture into the 21st Century with two powerful words "Let's Tingle". We are revolutionizing the way we pursue healthcare with a natural and proven solution to the stressors of today’s modern lifestyle. Modern Acupuncture is more than just health, more than the feeling of relief and more than the rejuvenation of beauty. It's a state of happiness, it's a state of well-being. It's a proactive lifestyle and mindset, elevating the impact and accessibility of acupuncture because we all deserve to look and feel our best.

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  • Modern Acupuncture Corporate
    17550 N. Perimeter Drive, Ste 100
    Scottsdale, AZ 85255
    Phone: (480) 999-5505

Modern Acupuncture Corporate

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