Introducing Nutritional IV Therapy and Vitamin Shots

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Our Modern Acupuncture team of practitioners and professionals are constantly looking for ways to fulfill our mission of making lives better. We discovered that Vitamin IV Therapy utilization was on the rise with exponentially more people using this treatment to improve their overall health. After looking into the benefits of IV Therapy, we realized that it is a natural complement to Acupuncture treatments. Because of this, we have added IV Therapy as an additional service in the Arrowhead community to support many of our patients.


The Village at Arrowhead Modern Acupuncture now offers 5 different IV drips, from the famous Myers IV to our Recover IV drip which has become very popular in just a couple of weeks. There is also 5 different Vitamin Shots to choose from, with B12 being the most popular, that can be administered very quickly for the busy, modern individual. We look forward to helping more people live better, through our treatment and service options.

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